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To date, this community is the last one to have entered the Consistory’s fold.  It was effectively recognized by Royal Decree on May 10, 2007.  This recognition followed the creation of the non-profit association Sepharad 2000, composed of a Jewish community that came mainly from North Africa and had previously founded the Chaaré Tzion (Shaare Zion) synagogue at 147 Rue de Boetendael/Boetendaelstraat, in Uccle, with Maurice Tal as its linchpin.  The members of this community effectively wanted to be able to continue worshipping according to the specific Sephardic rites practiced in their North African Jewish communities of origin.

Chaaré Tzion’s services and sociocultural activities are attended very regularly by a large number of the congregation’s members, whose enthusiasm and joy at being able to continue to express their fervor in a familiar framework are examples for us all.