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The Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium is very pleased to take note of the excerpts of the second volume of Jesus of Nazareth, by Pope Benedict XVI, that the Vatican has just published.

The Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium deems the pope’s text to be a major step forward, as it explicitly exonerates the Jews from all responsibility for the death of Jesus.  It thus puts an end to an accusation that unfortunately was the foundation for the teaching of contempt from which the Jews have suffered for close to two millennia.

We are convinced that this text, which will help to turn this teaching of contempt into the teaching of esteem, will stimulate relations between Jews and Christians and allow our different convictions to advance together along the path of dialogue and mutual knowledge.  We hope that this will be disseminated as a core teaching within the world’s churches.

Albert Guigui, Chief Rabbi, and Julien Klener, President of the CCIB/CICB