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On Monday, March 19, 2012, the children and staff of a Jewish school in Toulouse were the victims of an unqualifiably savage attack.  A man opened fire on some parents who were taking their children to school, chased the children who fled towards the schoolyard, and gunned them down without scruples and in cold blood.  Three children and one teacher lost their lives simply because they were Jewish, as in the horrible years of the Nazis.

The Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium learned of this odious action, which also targeted the Jewish community as a whole, with horror and disgust.  Constant, stepped-up surveillance against possible attacks must be provided for the Jewish institutions, and Jewish schools in particular, in our country and all the other States of the European Union.  Even after the Holocaust, Jews still may not enjoy carefree freedom in all circumstances.

The Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium shares the pain of all the victims’ families, with whom it deeply and truly empathizes.