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May 14, 2012

Joëlle Milquet
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior and Equal Opportunity
Rue de la Loi, 2
1000 Brussels

Mrs. Milquet,

We were extremely pleased to learn that this past May 9th the mayor of Brussels prohibited the highly controversial French “comedian” Dieudonné, who is well known for his negationism and anti-Jewish positions, from performing in Brussels, as other boroughs and towns such as Anderlecht, Laakdal, and Ninove have already done.  On behalf of the Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium we wish to congratulate you on the way the problem has been resolved and hope that this is the result of our joint commitment.

Racism in general and anti-Semitism in particular are taking on major proportions both in our country and in Europe, and extirpating it calls for firm and courageous treatment.  We thus thank you, as well as the mayors of the towns concerned, for this strong signal.  We remain at your disposal for fruitful subsequent collaboration.


Professor Julien Klener,

President of the Jewish Central Consistory of Belgium